Friday, May 2, 2008

The Power to Control Your Own Environment

Do you believe that you can control your own environment?

To an extent, I imagine, is what most people would answer. To what extent is what I would like to ramble about today:

As I stood at the kitchen sink looking out the window at the freshly cut lawn, the live oak tree originally planted by the builder and the dutch elm tree my wife and I planted representing our 5 year marriage (May 10), it occurred to me that we as humans have been granted the ability, by God, to "customize" our own environments.

Similar to how we can each customize our own blogs here at, we can decide whether or not we want to fertilize our lawn so that is springs forth with vibrant life or sits there lifeless and lacking in color and development. However, no matter how much we individualize our environments, or our blogs, they are still blogs. We still have a certain set of rules to live by in order to maintain the integrity of the blogosphere. Conversely, we have the ability to change our environments to whatever we want, but God remains in control of our destiny.

To what degree can we change our environment? I would have to say that the degree with which we can change our environment is only limited to the creativity of our own minds and our own desire to change our environment. For example, if the grass in the backyard starts to get too long, I can either get the mower out and change the situation (or pay someone to do it) or I can ignore the issue and watch the grass grow wildly long and out of control so that it overtakes the flower mound around the live oak tree and anything else that gets in it's path (it's Bermuda).

The same principle holds true for other areas of our environment besides just the physical appearance of our surroundings. We have the ability to change our health, our finances, our relationships and our spiritual walk with God.

Do you fear change? Do you fear the unknown? Is there something in your life that you need to change but have been putting it off for far too long? Is it something as simple as picking up the phone and telling someone you forgive them? Could it be that getting the mower out and mowing down some of those decisions that you have been putting off could make your life's lawn look much more appealing? Well, then I say to you... decide right now, to take action do one thing, right now, that will enhance your experience here on earth. I challenge you to take that step, walk away from the computer and take care of that item, right now, and then, come back here and post a comment on what you did to change your life for the better!

But, before you go... bookmark this page so that you can make it back here when you have completed your action and comment about it! Be sure to pass this post along to your friends so that we can all encourage each other in changing our environments for the better. You also have my permission to link back to this post.

I look forward to seeing what you have done. I too will be posting comments on my own decisions. Now, let's get started!


  1. Well today is my third day of fasting. The only thing I have had to drink over the last three days is water. I have not eaten any food. It is amazing and difficult at the same time. The difficult part was my body purging itself of any excess sugar, caffiene or other crap that I had allowed myself to start consuming again.

    Now that I have fasted for three days, my headaches (from the lack of caffeine) are gone and I'm feeling quite energized.

    This has also been a good time of introspection and prayer. I can tell already that God is answering my prayers.

    I will now come off of my fast, but I will stay away from the sugar... it is so addicting.

  2. Interesting topic, it made me really think!

    I believe our perception of the world directly influences what happens to us.

    Come into a situation negatively and it will quickly spiral downwards.

    Walk down the street with a smile on your face and people will go out of their way to be friendly.

    It's not so much the situations we find ourselves in, but what we make of them.

  3. You get it! Thanks for stopping by. And thank you for adding to the intrinsic value of my blog by leaving your well placed comment.

  4. Hey I thought I got away from you:)
    You always give me so much to think about after I read your writing.I think I sell myself short and try to survive in whatever environment I'm in.And that is far from a peaceful gaze out my back window looking at all the beauty.It's my intention to change my thinking so I can change my environment.I know that sounds backwards but I seem to have a pattern of going to the school of hardknocks.Thanks a lot that was really great writing.