Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tweet Dreams


Now that I have over 10,000 followers on Twitter, I wanted to do an experiment and use the power of the written word (140 characters at a time). We all have dreams, we all want to make the world a better place. We want to have a better year this year than we did last year. Let the world know what your dreams are. All you have to do, is post an update from your Twitter account stating your life dreams. Yes, it will require you to think, to dig deep, because you only have 140 characters, less the hash tag #lifedreams.

If you use Twitter and would like to be listed on this post, log-in to Twitter and post an update using the hash tag #lifedreams. I will do my best to stay on top of posting all of the responses here for others to see.

It will be interesting to get to know everyone. I'm curious, as I'm sure you are, what people will say. Your response could have a dramatic impact on the life of someone clear across the planet.

If you came here from Twitter, welcome! I'm totally sold on the power of Twitter and look forward to getting to know you even better through this project and through your Tweets. If you are not following me already on Twitter, you can do so by clicking on my picture:

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When you have posted your #lifedreams on Twitter please post the following in your Twitter update:

What are your #lifedreams? Post them in a Tweet w/ the hash tag & they'll B posted here:

OK - I will get this started (by the way, I highly recommend following the people, with responses below, that resonate with you):

OutsideMyBrain My dreams are 2 impact as many people as possible with the Truth & 2 B the best husband & friend to my lovely wife @Truthoughts #lifedreams

reinaluna: some of my dreams are travelling all around Italy and making lots of money to help in the animal protection & welfare cause #lifedreams

steinberg: My #lifedreams is a long life with my wife @adinao and b"h kids. To be tolerant of ALL people, self-employed, and contribute to the world.

DanielBrenton: @OutsideMyBrain #lifedreams To help people see the power of gratitude, to invite them to ask The Big Questions, and to help them laugh.

GabrielGrimes: My life dream is to continuously fulfill God's purpose in my life & to help 1,000,000 people fulfill their purposes too #lifedreams

jbarwriter: #Lifedreams to be a better person and help others fulfill their dreams

greybucket: Spending much needed time with my much better half, my lovely wife and my great kids. Be a better husband and father everyday! #lifedreams

timhampson: #lifedreams @outsidemybrain , Owning a little family restaurant with food that delights and surprises people, it also has to have nice cakes

knowledgejockey: #lifedreams Be able to learn about and work on social projects based on writers like DeLanda + Diamond. Be wealthy enuf to travel the world

anthonycurtis: @OutsideMyBrain #lifedreams ... having enough resources (time and money) to help those I care about, including those I have yet to meet.

jsinkeywest: #lifedreams I woke up and there was not 1 murder in America the whole 24hrs

NuHabits: #lifedreams I want to build a lasting anonymous public forum for people to share common experiences/struggles/triumphs of personal change.

dearmansoor: I have dream where I travel around the world with my love and have a home with a view #lifedreams

amoyal: @OutsideMyBrain: #lifedreams To create community where there is no us vs them there is only us

Mike_King: #lifedreams To inspire by example one changed heart in another person to live for God and service to others instead of themselves.

edragonu: I would really really like to run a marathon sometime and to climb Everest #lifedreams What's your life dream? Tag it #lifedreams :-)

ibz: My only wish is that my life will be just as cool as it was until now. Really. I have everything I want. #lifedreams

JennShallvey: I dream of living an abundant life, seeing the world w/ family + giving back through my work with as much reach as possible. #lifedreams

RobertVance: #lifedreams To be able to have time freedom to spend time with my family and help create a world with ethical leaders

wdfavour: #lifedreams To inspire you to discover yourself, and to have the courage to be 'YOU'

jnickles: @OutsideMyBrain My dream is to live a full and rewarding life of significance. I expound on this daily on my blog. #lifedreams

happinessisbetr: #lifedreams I hope I can be a great husband and make a significant, positive impact on society.

brettmckay: #lifedreams I hope I have job when I graduate law school

marcus5s: #lifedreams my life dream is to HAVE a life dream :p

maximumlight: #lifedreams i hope i can be in a movie with brad pitt and johnny depp in the next 2 years

DIG_Design: #lifedreams: To protect and free my family of any financial worry. To be successful in what I love to do and to have an impact on the world!

zisierra: My current #lifedreams is writting a great book... on scrapbooking... in Spanish!

tommur: #lifedreams To help people learn to expand awareness and wake up into higher consciousness and live lives full of spiritual love and beauty

judyrey: @tommur #lifedreams Change the way we see the world through art with a transforming vision that we can all share of underlying reality.

castlesncaves: RT @OutsideMyBrain #lifedreams to travel and be a life explorer, and live to be old and maybe wise. To write a book about my travels.

debworks: #lifedreams write a book, green the U.S., happy life, educate (myself and others), write and lead and follow

Kinchie: Write something that changes the way a generation thinks, travel Asia, make everyday objects into art, live from my heart | #lifedreams

hawaiidave: @OutsideMyBrain #lifedreams - I want to live a life without worry.

MichelleGeffken: #lifedreams Raising six world changing children who love the Lord and instilling a passion for art and a can do spirit in homeschooling moms

m3talsmith: @OutsideMyBrain My #lifedreams include total self sufficiency and being able to afford a decent piece of land for my family to live off of.

trafficup: My #lifedreams : being free as a bird, solid as a rock, patient as a tree, loved as Brad Pitt... ;)

RandomGoodStuff: @OutsideMyBrain #lifedreams : Rich and Healthy!

pmross: Reduce, reuse, recycle, go green, keep smiling & thinking, grow sustainably, promote all that is good & truly cool #lifedreams

kylejames: Interesting little project by @outsidemybrain my #lifedreams is to just make everyone i meet a little more optimistic and hopeful

tradertomdotnet: #lifedreams manifesting and impacting enough people's lives that the cup flow's over to every person that I touch... Thanks for the Hashtag!