Saturday, May 10, 2008

If You Don't Stand For Something... (Part 1)

You will fall for anything!

What do you stand for?

Did you know that everyone you know, including yourself, is a salesperson?


It's true! Sales is just a transference of belief. Quite literally, whomever is most "convicted" about what they believe, or what they stand for, will end up "selling" the other person on their beliefs. You want to keep reading and subscribe to my blog.

Now, when I say beliefs... most of us conjure up ideas of religious beliefs or possibly political beliefs (the two most taboo subjects when trying to stay neutral at a dinner party).

However, whenever I tell people that everyone is a salesperson, most people say, NO WAY! I'm no salesperson. I hate sales.

And then I respond, have you ever been in a relationship? To which most people respond...Yes!

Who sold who? More than likely it was a joint effort of each you selling each other, but your significant other obviously "bought" what you were selling. Right?

So again, I go back to - All sales is, is a transference of beliefs. Whomever is more committed to the outcome, willing to take a stand... That person is doing the selling, and the other person is doing the buying!

Now, no one ever wants to be SOLD anything. We all hate be SOLD something, and yet, we all love to BUY things. So, think about that the next time you find yourself in a situation where you are wanting to get your opinion your, your idea, your merchandise sold. Turn it into a "buying" situation for the other person. Not only will they end up buying what your selling...

They will thank you for it.

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If You Don't Stand For Something... (Part 2)


  1. This is great - You may want to look at this

    - and see if I am thinking along the same lines as you. It has the same ring to it... A very positive gets positive ring...


  2. Benny,

    That's a great post. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. See you next time.